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September 11, 2010

4 Tactics to Trim Printing and Mailing Costs

by fnbrinc

1) Use Standard Sizes
There’s a reason you’ve probably never seen a 7” x 7½” brochure. It doesn’t fit neatly into most standard envelopes, and custom-made envelopes are costly to manufacture. That’s why it’s smart to work with standard paper sizes. 

2) Design for Postal Savings
Make intelligent choices about the size, shape and weight of your mailpiece. Before you proceed with printing, send a mockup or sample of your mailpiece to a mail design specialist (like FNBR). Make sure your mailpiece qualifies for the class of mail and postage rate you expect. Some up-front research could save you thousands of dollars in unplanned postage costs.

3) Proofread Before Printing
When you have everything together and are ready to print, proofread the piece. Then ask someone else to proofread it. Don’t forget to proofread those things you see all the time like your name, address and phone number. After all, you don’t want to go to the expense of printing something that you can’t use because of a mistake. (At a tradeshow I attended, I saw one of the vendors angrily tossing out hundreds of costly, new brochures. The new brochures bragged about their “web-hosing” not “web-hosting” capabilities).

4) Mail Wisely
Eliminate duplicate names from your mailing list. The cost of each letter doubles and triples when you send two or three to the same person. Also, there are ways to prepare, sort and enter your mail with the Post Office that can dramatically lower your postage rates. Give us a call at 888-988-8148, to find out more about postage discounts you may qualify for.

Continue the Conversation
If you’d like to discuss ways to lower your printing and mailing costs, call FNBR Inc. at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at

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