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September 11, 2010

Standing Out

by fnbrinc

No matter how good of an offer your mail piece contains, you won’t get any responses unless it gets read. 

Setting Your Mailer Apart

The first step in grabbing the recipient’s attention is by using high quality printing. By letting FNBR do the printing for you, step one has already been taken care of. The second step is matching the feel and touch of the mailer to your target audience. This is where our expert printing staff at FNBR can help you the most.

In printing there are many ways to tweak a mailer so that it is appealing to your target audience. First of all, the stock that you print on plays a very important role in the presentation of your mail piece. For example, if your mail piece is inviting people to a formal gathering, you might want to consider using a linen stock with a matching linen envelope to give your invitation an elegant feel. Or perhaps you are using a selfmailer to promote the sale of your product. In this case, you could use a dull gloss cover stock which would make it easy to read your text, but at the same time add a high gloss spot varnish over the photos of your product so that your product stands out and jumps off the page.

Since there are many techniques that can be used to create the look and feel you want, it is important to let your FNBR representative know what it is you are trying to achieve and who you are marketing to. With this knowledge, we can advise you on the options available to create and print the mailer you have envisioned and at the same time keep your costs to a minimum.

Continue the Conversation
If you’d like to discuss ways we can help your mailer stand out, call FNBR Inc. at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at

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