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September 11, 2010

The Mail Moment

by fnbrinc

The Mail MomentOver the years, going to our mail boxes and retrieving the mail has become an important part of our daily lives.

Each day all across the country, people open their mail with anticipation and excitement at what’s enclosed. In the marketing world, this ritual has been dubbed the “Mail Moment”.

Simply speaking, the Mail Moment is the time each day that consumers devote to bringing in their mail and discovering what offers await. The results of a US Postal Service study found that 98% of consumers bring in their mail on the day it is delivered and that the mail is usually sorted through by the person in charge of managing the household. Because the household decision makers are sorting through the mail, marketers have the unique opportunity to get their message directly into the hands of their target audience. No other form of advertising reaches the target audience with the degree of success that direct mail does.

Want to see some of the key “Mail Moment” insights from this recent study and how they can help you make more informed marketing decisions?

Download the Whitepaper: 364k PDF

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If you’d like to discuss how you can interact with your prospects and customers and create your own “mail moment”, call FNBR Inc. at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at

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