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January 9, 2011

Getting the Most From Your Marketing Programs

by fnbrinc

More sales in 2001Now that the holiday season has past, it is time to start implementing ways to drive sales higher in 2011.

There are three main areas in marketing programs that need to be addressed in order to continually drive sales. They are:

  • Select the best list to connect to your buyers.
  • Continually refine your targeting criteria.
  • Monitor your Return on Investment (ROI) results.

In the marketing world, a lot of thought and testing is often put into the “Offer” and the “Creative Design” of the mailer or email. However, selecting the right list is equally as important as the Offer and Creative elements.

Getting your FNBR sales rep involved at the beginning of your marketing campaign will save you both time and money. While running your business is your area of expertise, selecting the correct list for your needs and refining the demographics to best suit your product is ours.

Refining your targeting criteria is essential
Do you want to market to Consumers, Businesses, or both? There are hundreds of demographic selections available on mailing lists – use them to tailor the list to your product or service.

Lastly, monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI) helps to ensure that you are not wasting future advertising dollars. Key areas to monitor are:

  • Track each marketing campaign from sales lead to customer purchase.
  • Track the performance of each component separately. See “What Works Best”
  • Use past performance data to determine the budgets of future campaigns.

While tracking, recording and refining is additional work on your part, the additional revenue as a result of increased sales will make for a very Happy New Year!!

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