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February 5, 2011


Communicating With Colors

by fnbrinc

In putting together your marketing materials, it’s wise to consider the impact of your choice of colors.

Communicating With ColorsMany entrepreneurs and even established companies struggle with this.  All too often colors are chosen based solely upon personal preferences.

Savvy marketers know colors pack a powerful psychological message. (Ever wonder why orange is such a popular color with fast food restaurants that are trying to stimulate your appetite)?

When you hear IBM, does a certain color come to mind? Many people in business today think “Big Blue” when they hear IBM. (“Big Blue” is a commonly used nickname for IBM). The color blue conveys stability and trustworthiness.

Remember the UPS marketing campaign, “What can Brown do for you?” Brown is a color that’s strongly associated with dependability.

How about the Red Bull energy drink? Red is a color that’s linked with energy and excitement. (I’m not sure a Grey Bull energy drink would have enjoyed too much success).

In the future, instead of sticking with your personal favorites consider colors that support your marketing message.

Here’s a brief summary of the traditional meanings of popular colors:
Blue – honesty, trustworthiness, stability, loyalty.
Black – authority, sophistication, power, elegance.
White – purity, peace, youth.
Red – energy, excitement, danger, passion.
Pink – innocence, softness, sweetness.
Green – harmony, safety, growth, regeneration.
Yellow – joy, happiness, intellect, energy.
Purple – wealth, power, dignity, sophistication.
Brown – genuine, simplicity, dependability.
Orange – happiness, stimulation, creativity, playfulness.
Gold – success, money, wealth
Silver – dignity, wisdom, prestige.
Grey – security, maturity, reliability.

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