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March 6, 2011

Keys to a Good Marketing Plan

by fnbrinc

Keys to SuccessFor most entrepreneurs and small businesses a marketing plan does not have to be lengthy and complicated. Instead it should focus on two key fundamentals for growing any business:

  • How to sell more to your existing customers.
  • How to attract new customers.

Three groups worthy of special attention in 2011 are:

Large Customers
Who are your best customers? Are you giving them extra special treatment? Are you showing them how much you appreciate their business? As part of your marketing plan, map out a strategy for keeping in touch with your best customers on a regular basis. Never take your best customers for granted; chances are your competition is actively trying to win their business away from you.

Inactive Customers
Do you contact your inactive customers to find out why they stopped buying? Perhaps they are upset and need your personal attention to smooth things over. Be prepared to offer some special incentives to win them back. Reaching out to inactive customers is a strategy that can pay big dividends.

No matter how well you treat your existing customers, you are bound to lose some of them sooner or later. They might have moved, gone out of business, or simply stopped needing what you offer. So, you need to find new customers to replace the lost ones. As part of your marketing plan for 2011, don’t neglect reaching out to new prospects. With prospect marketing, keep in mind that research has shown it may take as many as 7 contacts before a prospect becomes a customer or client.

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