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April 3, 2011


6 Steps to a Better Mailing Envelope

by fnbrinc

The outgoing mailing envelope serves two main purposes: the first is to safely carry its contents to the recipient, and the second is to get opened.

The six aspects of the envelope that make a strong impression are:Strong Envelopes

  • The mailing address is the first place people look. Since it’s their name, be sure it looks good! Which looks better… John Q. Public or JOHN Q PUBLIC? Avoid all caps and add punctuation if possible.
  • On a commercial or official style envelope, the teaser text should be to the left of the recipient address and on a window envelope, the teaser text should be either to the right or left of the window depending on the window position. Teaser copy is useful, but not absolutely necessary. If you don’t have a good teaser, don’t force it.
  • The return address is an important part of your envelope. Use a script type for a more personal look. When mailing repeatedly to your customers, be sure to use your company name and logo. If you are trying to disguise your mailing, you can use a return address without the company name or no return address at all (not allowed on non-profit mail).
  • When choosing how to apply your postage, make sure it matches the look of the envelope. If your envelopes are designed to be official looking, a preprinted indicia is a better fit for that image. For a more personal touch, stamps are the best choice. For B2B envelopes, metered mail works well.
  • Before the recipient even opens your envelope, the envelope style can be used to convey an idea of what is enclosed. For example, if you are inviting the recipient to a seminar, an announcement style envelope conveys the image that you are formally inviting them to your event.
  • You can use both stock and color to convey the overall image of your package. A brown kraft stock conveys the image of an official package. The contrast between yellow envelopes with black type can be used to promote a “Free Offer”. Please note that certain colored stocks are not allowed for automation mail and will increase your postage. Your FNBR rep will help you avoid this pitfall.

Be sure that the look of your envelope matches the look and feel of its contents. The envelope and all of its components must work together as an entire package.

Lastly, remember to always test when using a new envelope design.

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  1. Apr 19 2011

    One thing that a lot of mailers miss is that they can increase their response rate by using a presorted stamp on the envelope. The postage cost is the same as using an indicia to send out mixed AADC mail but a stamp offers the illusion that the mailing was sent by an individual and not a company. Also, even though a presorted stamp looks different from a first class stamp, it is fair to say that the vast majority of recipients don’t know the difference. It’s a great way to push your response rate up for little or no additional money.

    Mark Ryan

  2. Feb 5 2012

    Im grateful for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.


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