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July 26, 2011

Prove It!

by fnbrinc

Most people are skeptical… and, nobody likes to get ripped off!Prove It

When you set out to earn a prospect’s business, one of the key questions your marketing must answer is: “Why should I believe that you’re the right choice for me?”

Take a look at your current marketing materials. What evidence are you using to support your claims about how good you are?

Here are some ways to help build your case:

  • Use brief case histories.  A marketing firm uses case histories to show how they’ve helped clients in different industries.
  • Lab testing results.  A toothpaste manufacturer backs up their claim of superior whitening power with lab test results.
  • Quote, with permission, from favorable published stories.  A car dealership uses favorable write-ups about their cars from Car & Driver magazine.
  • Before and after photographs.  A weight loss center utilizes pics of clients that have slimmed down.
  • Testimonials.  A college uses testimonials from successful alumni of the school.
  • Celebrity endorsements.  A charity features endorsements from popular celebrities.
  • Awards won.  An advertising agency lists all of the ADDY Awards they’ve won over the years.
  • Accreditation.  An auto repair shop plays up their Better Business Bureau Accreditation.
  • Free samples.  An ice cream shop passes out free samples of their most popular flavors at community events.

Remember, any business can CLAIM they’re good at what they do. Your marketing should provide compelling EVIDENCE of your merit!

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