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November 13, 2011


5 Key Factors for Determining Your Copy Length

by fnbrinc

Here are 5 key factors to take into account when determining the copy length for your next marketing piece.

The more expensive an item is, the more copy you’ll usually need. It takes more evidence to convince a person to spend $750 with you than to spend $35.

Are you primarily looking to generate sales or leads from your marketing piece? If sales, the copy usually has to be longer because it needs to cover all the product information and overcome the most common objections. If leads, the copy can be shorter since there will be more opportunities to answer questions in subsequent contacts.

Target Audience
People who are pressed for time often respond better to shorter copy. Prospects with more time on their hands, such as retirees, or someone with a keen interest in what you’re selling, are better candidates for longer copy. For instance, motorcycle enthusiasts are likely to be very receptive to a comprehensive promotional piece on your custom motorcycle shop.

Convenience products can usually be sold with short copy. Complex products such as health insurance call for longer copy.

Short copy works well for things the prospect already is familiar with. Postcards are a great way to invite people to visit a retail store, order a pizza, or get 15% off their next oil change.

Your copy should be long enough to do its job effectively, but no longer than is necessary. Regardless of the length, always strive to make your copy interesting and persuasive.

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  1. Dec 3 2011

    Good read here.
    Very true key factors listed here. For me mission & target audience is the priority factor to consider in determining your copy length. Thanks for sharing.
    Nice Post


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