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March 11, 2012

When should you retire a marketing campaign?

by fnbrinc

In an ideal world, the answer to the above question would be never. In reality, all direct mail campaigns will get tired at some point. However before you scrap your current mailing campaign and design a new one, you should consider the following:
Vintage Postcard

Has your mailing campaign become tired or are you tired of it? If your current campaign is still producing good results, then leave it alone. If you are still receiving a good return on your investment (ROI) then now is not the time to totally redesign your mailing campaign.

If your campaign is still working, but your ROI has slipped somewhat, then try tweaking your current mailing campaign. Slight changes to the message, design or even the color may get your ROI back to the level you expect.

When you feel like you are getting close to needing a brand new campaign, test market the new design while the old campaign is still working. Try a 75% / 25% split of the old and new campaigns in the same mailings and monitor the results of the new design. See “Maximize your ROI by Test Marketing” and “Producing Success” on our blog.

Lastly, when you have decided that it is time to try a newly designed campaign, don’t discard the old one. You may find that it will work well for you again in the future without the start-up costs of a brand new campaign.

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