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June 2, 2012

Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail

by fnbrinc

FNBR Blog: USPS Total UAAThe US Postal Service recently released their latest study on Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail. Based on FY2010, 4.11%of the mail doesn’t get delivered, totaling 6.9 billion pieces of mail with almost 60% of that volume being treated as waste (unreturned to the sender). Since most of the mail is not returned, most senders don’t realize how bad their house lists are.

Do you have a house mailing list that’s out of date? FNBR specializes in greatly reducing the amount of UAA. First, we check the accuracy of the address, and correct as needed. Next, we check if the person (or business) has moved in the last four years and left a forwarding address, then we substitute their new address for the old one you gave us.


Additional services and ways to improve your lists include: DPV reports, elimination of duplicates, suppression of do-not-mail files, suppression of customers, additional change of address sources, and many more.  Learn more at

Contact FNBR to find out how easy and inexpensive it is for us to help fix your house mailing lists. Contact us at or Toll Free at 1-888-988-8148.


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