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August 18, 2012

Is Your Database Healthy?

by fnbrinc

Just like raising a child, hygiene and nourishment are two vital parts in maintaining a healthy mailing list. For tips on cleaning up a database, see our previous articles “Database Hygiene” and “Data Cleaning Tools“.

Healthy Data (from FNBR Inc)

Let’s assume that you regularly take the necessary steps to maintain a clean database of previous customers. Now, in order to grow your business, you need to supplement your list of previous customers with future buyers.

The best way to get new customers is to know your present customers. Creating a profile of your top customers will help you to identify what these customers are looking for in your product or service. This profile will help you determine how your best customers differ from your less active customers and will help you to identify prospects with the highest likelyhood of becoming new customers. Armed with the information you have collected from your best clients, you can augment your current client database with a list of high quality prospects to create future sales.

To create a top client profile does require some work on your part. You need to engage these clients in a conversation where you are able to gather personal information from them. Questions such as the client’s age, income, marital status, homeownership, etc., will help you to build your profile. You can try offering a discount off a future purchase, or perhaps a free service, to entice them to respond to your inquiry.

Continue the Conversation:

When you are ready to start, feel free to call your FNBR representative at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at  We’ll help guide you with the types of questions that will be useful to help target future customers for your business.

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