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July 30, 2013


What’s a Letter Worth?

by fnbrinc

It seems that many advertisers have forgotten how effectively a well written letter can generate new business. There are many scenarios where a simple letter can get you results above and beyond the results that a postcard or brochure can.FNBR - Your source for direct mail, and much more!

Letters work best where a touch of personalization makes a difference. For example, letters are an excellent way to get back customers that have stopped doing business with you. A well written “We want you back” letter can bring many customers back before you become forgotten.

I have made it a point of saying a “well” written letter throughout this article. It is important to take the time to write a well thought out letter that will be positively received by the recipient. The letter should be written so that it is addressing the interests and concerns of your potential clients. Let’s face it, other than knowing that you are a reputable firm, these clients don’t want information on your company, what they want to know is how you can help them. It is best to make the letter about them, not you.

The following are a few suggestions to help with the writing of your letters:
  • Keep the letter on a one to one level and make it conversational.
  • Try testing different lengths and approaches.
  • Give the letters a human touch and try to find a common ground with the recipient.
  • Use a live stamp for personalization.
  • Make it easy to reply to the letter and offer something to get a response.

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