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August 27, 2013

Getting Noticed

by fnbrinc

Every January, all types of businesses spend millions of dollars on getting noticed. I am of course referring to the advertising dollars that are spent on 30 second commercials aired during the Super Bowl. No matter what form of advertising a company uses, the number one goal of that advertising is to stand out from the crowd and get that company noticed.

CMM Mail at FNBR

CMM Mail: Because unique shapes stand out in a crowd!

When promoting your company through direct mail, you want a mail piece that is going to stand out from the rest and get your company noticed.

One way to help your direct mail stand out is to use Customized Market Mail (or CMM for short).

The post office allows companies to use custom designed mailers in creative and unusual shapes for CMM mailings. On any given day, almost all of the mail in your mail box is going to be rectangular shaped mailers or envelopes. By using CMM mail, your mailer will stand out from the rest.

Imagine if you are a florist and your mailer is a bouquet of flowers in the shape of a bouquet or if you are selling sail boats and your mailer is in the shape of a sail boat, sail and all. You must admit that there won’t be anything else in the mail box that looks like your mailer.

There would be some additional costs to make the custom die which will trim your mailer into its unique shape, and the postage rates for Presort Standard CMM are higher than regular Standard Mail rates, but if you have a product or service to promote and you want your mailer to stand out, then Custom Market Mail is the way to go.

Visit our website for samples.

CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION:  Learn more about CMM by calling us toll free at 888-988-8148 or email


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