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October 18, 2014

Time and Money-Saving Printing Tips

by fnbrinc

All mailing campaigns begin with printing. The following are three helpful hints to make the printing portion of your mailing easier and save you money.

Planning Ahead  –  This is so basic that you would think that it’s hardly worth mentioning, but the fact is nothing could be farther from the truth. Allowing enough time for both the design and the printing can be a major factor in lowering your print costs. Many times, the delivery date of a printed item is set in stone because the printed material is time sensitive. When this is the case, allowing ample time for the design and print schedules will save you both stress and money. Specialized processes such as letter press scores, die cutting or UV coatings add additional time to the schedule and need to be allotted for. If you are not sure how much time is needed, let your FNBR representative guide you through the scheduling.

Printing PressSize Matters  –  Size impacts both the amount of paper used and your postage rates. During the concept stage of your design, take a minute to speak with your FNBR representative. Many times a slight adjustment in the size of your mailer can save money. From a printing stand point, a small change in the size of the card may allow more cards to be printed per sheet lowering your print costs. When it comes to postal regulations, sometimes a minor change in either the height or the width can change a flat size mailer into a letter size mailer and greatly reduce postage rates.

Electronic Proofs  –  PDF’s are cheap, easily produced, and ideal for proofing text. Let’s say multiple departments need to approve an item before it goes to print. You can send everyone that needs to approve your mailer a PDF proof prior to sending the art files to the printer. This way, all necessary text changes can be made before a more expensive hi-resolution hard copy proof is produced just prior to printing. Producing multiple hi-resolution hard copy proofs for text changes only is an avoidable expense.

Every print job starts as an idea and ends as a tangible printed item. At FNBR, our job is to smoothly guide you through that journey and save you money. You don’t have to be a print expert… but it certainly helps that you know one!


 About FNBR Incorporated

FNBR is a marketing company located in Tampa, Florida.  We provide printing, direct mail, mailing lists, database management, graphic design, web design, and email marketing services to companies throughout the U.S.

FNBR can be reached at or toll free 1-888-988-8148.

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