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Producing Success

Are you asking the right questions to produce a successful mailing?FNBR answers these questions and more...

Mailing List: Do you understand the difference between “response” lists and “compiled” lists? Are you sure that your demographics are a good fit for your product or offer?

Customer Profile: Have you developed a customer or prospect profile? Knowing your clientele will help you refine your lists and generate mailers that appeal to their needs.

Offers: Have you made an offer, and is it proactive? For example, a 30 day free trial is more proactive than a 10% discount.

Quantity/Quality: Have you looked at the quantity/quality ratio?  Are you looking for a large volume of returns for your sales force to call on, or fewer quality leads that are easier to turn into sales?

Costs: How much are you willing to spend for a response? Does your conversion rate and gross margin support your cost per response?

Results: Do you offer proof, such as test results, testimonials, or case studies to show the value of your product or service?

Guarantees: Do you provide a guarantee, and if so do you showcase it? The more positive a guarantee is, the more likely you are to make a sale. For example “try it without risk for 90 days” works better than “your money back if not satisfied”.

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Obtaining the right answers to the above questions will help to ensure that your mailing is successful. As always, the sales staff at FNBR will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have regarding your mailing campaign.  Call us toll free at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at



Planning for Profit!

Direct mail is a very effective and cost efficient way of advertising your company. While the printing and presentation of the mailer is important, proper planning helps ensures a high response, so start planning early.Marketing Strategy

The most successful mail campaigns are the ones that are well thought out and well planned.

Your direct mail campaign should start with a clean and highly targeted database. Make use of list demographics to profile your ideal clients, and be sure to NCOA update the file right before the mailing is sent out. Sending mail to the wrong address is money wasted.

Define your goals and design your mail piece around them. Do you want your mail piece to: generate immediate sales, increase awareness of your company, generate sales leads, or build customer loyalty? To generate sales, a postcard with a discount coupon can work, but to increase awareness of your company consider using a company brochure and other supporting literature.

Lastly, consider if direct mail is reaching your entire targeted audience. Email may be better suited for a portion of your database. Consider the combination of both direct mail and email to reach your audience.

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Getting the Most From Your Marketing Programs

More sales in 2001Now that the holiday season has past, it is time to start implementing ways to drive sales higher in 2011.

There are three main areas in marketing programs that need to be addressed in order to continually drive sales. They are:

  • Select the best list to connect to your buyers.
  • Continually refine your targeting criteria.
  • Monitor your Return on Investment (ROI) results.

In the marketing world, a lot of thought and testing is often put into the “Offer” and the “Creative Design” of the mailer or email. However, selecting the right list is equally as important as the Offer and Creative elements.

Getting your FNBR sales rep involved at the beginning of your marketing campaign will save you both time and money. While running your business is your area of expertise, selecting the correct list for your needs and refining the demographics to best suit your product is ours.

Refining your targeting criteria is essential
Do you want to market to Consumers, Businesses, or both? There are hundreds of demographic selections available on mailing lists – use them to tailor the list to your product or service.

Lastly, monitoring your Return on Investment (ROI) helps to ensure that you are not wasting future advertising dollars. Key areas to monitor are:

  • Track each marketing campaign from sales lead to customer purchase.
  • Track the performance of each component separately. See “What Works Best”
  • Use past performance data to determine the budgets of future campaigns.

While tracking, recording and refining is additional work on your part, the additional revenue as a result of increased sales will make for a very Happy New Year!!

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