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6 Headlines that Drive Up Response

The right headline can make a huge difference in getting people to respond to your marketing. 60% of all people who read ads typically skim the headline and no more. If your headline doesn’t attract their attention, you’re wasting money.

Here are six proven approaches to creating successful headlines. 

  • The direct approach. No cleverness. Just get right to the point.
    This works great with strong offers and solutions to well defined problems.  Example: Laptop computers … 35% off
  • Announce exciting news.
    Example: Introducing the fastest (and easiest) way to get your MBA.
  • Promise to improve their lives.
    Focus on a need or want of your prospect and promise to fulfill it quickly and easily. Example: Quit smoking in 30 days … or your money back!
  • Pose an interesting question.
    With this approach, make sure the question relates directly to the main benefit of your product or service. Example: Want a great looking yard without all the hard work?
  • The comparison approach.
    This works great when you have a clear competitive advantage over your competition. Example:  The new 4G cell phone. Twice as fast, half the price of the Star II.
  • Use scarcity.
    People are more inclined to desire what’s in limited supply. They’re also more likely to take immediate action if there’s limited time to act. Example: Rare Chardonnay Puligny. Only 6 bottles left. Don’t miss out!

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