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Presentation Matters

What image do you project?When you meet someone, you only get one chance at a first impression. The same is true for the recipient’s name and address on your direct mail.  The address block is the first place the recipient looks, and even more importantly, it contains their personal information.

The same thought and planning that went into the rest of your mailing should go into the presentation of the recipient’s name and address. The following are some common mistakes that are made when addressing mailers:

Even if the database is in all caps, it should be converted to upper and lower case. It is also very important that upper case is being added only where it is grammatically correct. For Example:

  • Usa Manufacturing Association (Incorrect Capitalization)
  • USA Manufacturing Association (Correct Capitalization)

You wouldn’t write the content of your mailers without proper punctuation, why would you allow the address to be presented that way? One of the most common mistakes is not using a period after an abbreviation.

Many databases contain company names and titles that are very long. If this is not taken into consideration, the name or the title will end up being cutoff when your mailer is being addressed. Think of how embarrassing it is to have the word “Association” get cut off after the first three letters.

Postal Regulations
Certain items like a Bar Code must be added to reduce your postage, but you should only add what is necessary. For instance, the Optional Endorsement Line (OEL) is not always necessary. Placing an OEL (************Auto**SCH 5-Digit 34420) right above the recipient’s name only adds clutter and identifies your mail piece as bulk mail. Many mailers do this for their own convenience, sacrificing your quality. FNBR does not.

At FNBR, all of the above and more will be taken into consideration when addressing your mail to assure that your mailer avoids falling into the “Incorrect” or “Ugly” categories.

Continue the Coversation: Call FNBR toll free at 888-988-8148 or email us at

Producing Success

Are you asking the right questions to produce a successful mailing?FNBR answers these questions and more...

Mailing List: Do you understand the difference between “response” lists and “compiled” lists? Are you sure that your demographics are a good fit for your product or offer?

Customer Profile: Have you developed a customer or prospect profile? Knowing your clientele will help you refine your lists and generate mailers that appeal to their needs.

Offers: Have you made an offer, and is it proactive? For example, a 30 day free trial is more proactive than a 10% discount.

Quantity/Quality: Have you looked at the quantity/quality ratio?  Are you looking for a large volume of returns for your sales force to call on, or fewer quality leads that are easier to turn into sales?

Costs: How much are you willing to spend for a response? Does your conversion rate and gross margin support your cost per response?

Results: Do you offer proof, such as test results, testimonials, or case studies to show the value of your product or service?

Guarantees: Do you provide a guarantee, and if so do you showcase it? The more positive a guarantee is, the more likely you are to make a sale. For example “try it without risk for 90 days” works better than “your money back if not satisfied”.

Continue the Conversation

Obtaining the right answers to the above questions will help to ensure that your mailing is successful. As always, the sales staff at FNBR will be happy to help you with any questions that you may have regarding your mailing campaign.  Call us toll free at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at



Data Cleaning Tools

Since a lot of direct mail includes your house mailing lists, we thought we would discuss the “data toolbox”.  Most of your contacts are developed over the years from prospecting, prior customers, donors, etc.  And once the contact is added to your database, it’s rarely updated.  That’s where we come in.Data Cleaning Tools from FNBR

The most valuable tool in the data cleaning toolbox is NCOA.  Short for National Change of Address, if your contact has moved and completed a change-of-address with the USPS in the last 4 years, we’ll mail to their new address.

If you are mailing at first class rates, the post office will forward your mail to the updated address on file for 12-months. This is time consuming since the mail must be re-routed, and if you have a time sensitive offer, your postage may end up being wasted. If you are using Standard Mail, the mail piece will not be forwarded at all.

NCOA is a quick, efficient and inexpensive way of keeping mailing lists up to date. If you are purchasing a list through FNBR, you can be assured that the mailing list has already been NCOA’d and we will provide you with the date that the NCOA certificate* is good through. If you are supplying your own mailing list for FNBR to use, we can NCOA update the list for you.

NCOA is one of the many software tools that FNBR uses to keep your mailing costs streamlined and your mail delivered as quickly as possible.

Other Tools Include:

  • CASS – Address correction, including DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink processing which adds missing postal data like ZIP+4, carrier route, eLOT and more.
  • ECOA (Extended Change-of-Address) – Updates addresses using sources other than the USPS NCOALink file, including magazine subscriptions, catalogs, insurance and credit companies. Identify up to 20% more moves up to 5 years old.
  • Apartment Number – Appends residential unit numbers based on the submitted name and address. Complements SuiteLink processing, which appends unit numbers for business addresses, to further reduce undeliverable and misdirected mail.
  • Suppression Suite – Flags records that match entries in do-not-mail, deceased person and correctional facility lists. Improve mailing ROI by removing people that are unwilling or unable to respond.

For more information on applying these data tools to your database, or other postage saving techniques, please email us at or call toll free 888-988-8148.

*NCOA Certified mailing lists qualify for Automation postage discounts for 95 days from the date of certification.

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