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Insightful Marketing… Where to Start?

Marketing is key to the success of any business but must be customer driven in order to be successful. Make customers your prime focus and you’ll reap the rewards.

Insightful marketing is often described as “making what you can sell, not selling what you can make.” Companies that sell what they can make are product driven: they make the product first, consider customers afterwards, and see marketing simply as a means of persuading customers to buy.

The most successful organizations make what they can sell. They are customer led, creating products and services in response to customer need.

Insightful Marketing

Research is conducted into customers’ needs.

  • A product or service is designed to meet the need.
  • The new product or service is marketed to potential customers.
  • Customers buy the product or service.
  • Product or service meets the customers’ needs.
  • Satisfied customers recommend the product or service to others.

Here are three tips to help you become more customer focused in 2012:

  1. Make meeting the needs of your customers a top business priority.
  2. Gather as much information as possible on the needs of existing and potential customers.
  3. Develop an approach to marketing that is driven by customer need, not company habit and tradition.

The end result of insightful marketing is more customers and fewer complaints. You are also far more likely to enjoy healthier profits and be the envy of others in your industry.

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Set Your Marketing Goals

PlanningThe excitement for change and improvement often leads us to set lofty objectives that may not come to fruition. However, the key to long term success is to implement smaller, reasonable goals, and then continue to build on those steady accomplishments. If you haven’t already set your business expectations for this year, now is the perfect opportunity.

Focusing time and effort on the following suggestions can turn your New Year’s marketing resolutions into profitable achievements.

Increase your database of prospects.
An increase in contacting new, viable leads can mean an increase in your customer base and revenue.

Make the time to visit existing customers.
It is important to establish a strong relationship and let them know that they are a valuable part of your team.

Create a marketing plan.
Decide the objective for your company, as well as the form of advertising that will work best for you. Our sales representatives here at FNBR have years of experience and can help guide you in the right direction.

There is always room for improvement! The trick is identifying where advancements can be made and then devoting the time and resources to make those goals a reality.

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Success Through Marketing

It is well-known that to be successful in business, you have to spend money to make money. The average small business owner will tell you that some of their major expenses include rent, labor and supplies.Marketing Success

Once the basic costs of doing business have been covered, serious consideration should be given to allocate funds for marketing. While you may think of marketing as a luxury, when done properly, it can both create and increase profits for your company.

If you are selling a product, it is important to take time to research your customer’s buying habits. This allows you to market more effectively and efficiently to your consumer, which helps save advertising dollars and increase the return on your investment (ROI).

If your company provides a service rather than a product, marketing can seem to be a little more difficult. Since there is nothing tangible for the client to touch and compare against other products, you are only as good as the general impression of your company. Therefore, it becomes vital that you promote your reputation as well as the integrity of your staff.

In order to grow and be successful, marketing is a necessary process. While it is true that it will require time and effort, our sales representatives here at FNBR will be more than happy to help assist you and do a great deal of the heavy lifting! Once you have established a budget, we can work with you to create a successful campaign.

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