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QR Codes + Direct Mail = 3% Postage Discount

Sample of FNBR postcard using direct mail and a QR codeWhen it comes to marketing, the use of direct mail and mobile technology are a winning combination. 

The U.S. Postal Service agrees, and they are so sure you’ll see the benefits, they are offering a 3% discount on your postage.

Here’s How: Print a mobile barcode, like a quick response (QR) code on your direct mail pointing to your marketing initiative, and get an INSTANT 3% OFF YOUR TOTAL POSTAGE. See promotion details below.

What is a QR Code?
QR Code to FNBR WebsiteIt’s a barcode that provides a connection between print and the digital world.  It’s those quirky little pixilated squares that are popping up in a lot of places lately, like magazines, on products, and yes, the mail. 

Suggested marketing initiative uses:

  • The QR Code points to a specific webpage or microsite.
  • The QR Code points to a digital service like a YouTube video, Facebook page, or a Foursquare venue.
  • The QR Code points to a limited time special offer or coupon.
  • The QR Code points to a sign-up form.
  • The QR Code points to a registration page.
  • The QR Code points to an RSS (blog) feed.
  • The QR Code points to an SMS text to a specific phone number.
  • The QR Code points to an SMS text to a keyword.

Besides the 3% postage discount, what are the benefits of adding a QR code to my mailer?

  • The QR Code can direct an otherwise passive customer to take immediate action – make a purchase, register for an event, or download a coupon.
  • QR Codes can increase the value of direct mail, while blurring the lines between online and offline marketing.
  • Let current and potential customers learn more online about your business.
    Guide them to a webpage to learn more about a specific product, with teaser text like “scan me for additional pictures”, “scan me for the product specifications”, “scan me for video demonstration”, etc.
  • The more convenient it is to learn about your company or products, the more likely they are to do so.
  • Depending on your analytics software, you will have additional tracking abilities to see what your customers and prospects are viewing on your website.

How does the person who receives my mailer use the QR Code?

Any smart phone, touch pad or tablet with a built-in camera and a free reader app can scan a QR Code.  They simply scan the QR Code and they’re on their way to the code’s destination (see above suggested uses).

Promotion requirements:

  • Mailings must be presented at the USPS between July 1, 2011 and August 31, 2011.
  • The postage must be paid by a Permit Imprint Indicia (no stamps or metered postage).  If you don’t have a permit, you may use ours.
  • Valid on Standard Mail, Non-Profit Mail, and Presorted First Class Mail only.
  • Valid on letter and flat sized mail.
  • QR Code must be used for marketing purposes and be on each mail piece.

Ready to Get Started?   Have More Questions?   Need Help Creating a QR Code?
Pick up the phone right now and call FNBR toll free at 1-888-988-8148, option 1.

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