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How much $$$ are those free volunteers really costing you?

Many times we receive mailing campaigns where we are asked to finish what the client has started because they have utilized volunteer help or office staff to start a mailing. While it is perfectly understandable to use volunteers to keep down the cost of a mailing, many times this will back fire on a client and end up costing them more money in the long run. 

Typically, the single largest expense in any mailing is the postage. At FNBR, we use our knowledge of postage regulations and our postal sortation software to prepare the mail so that you are receiving the lowest postage rates possible. In order to receive discounted automation postage rates, the data must be run through NCOA software and the mail must be properly prepared and contain a postal bar code.

Recently, one of our clients did the following. Since they had volunteers they could utilize, they printed out address labels and had the volunteers affix the labels onto their mailing pieces. At this point, our client requested that FNBR prepare the mail and mail it at non-profit postage rates for them. Unfortunately, since the data had not been NCOA’d and the labels did not have a postal bar code, this mail could not be sent out via USPS automation rates.  The client was left with the following two options:

  1. Affix a full rate First Class stamp onto their mailer. At 45¢ each the postage cost alone was $685.
  2. Allow FNBR to add the phrase “Or Current Resident” above the address labels they affixed to the mailer and prepare the mail for Non-Profit Non-Automation rates. The cost of the labor and postage would be $394.

Because the client did not want the phrase “Or Current Resident” to appear on their mailers, the only option was to send out their mailers First Class Mail with a postage cost of $685.  Ironically, had this client given the mailers and the data to FNBR and allowed us to handle the entire mailing, their cost including Non-profit automated postage and labor would have been $261.

Volunteer help is a great resource for any organization that is lucky enough to have volunteers.  However, before utilizing their services, feel free to call  FNBR toll free at 888-988-8148. We will gladly discuss the mailing with you to determine which parts of the mailing can be done by your volunteers to save you money and what we should be doing to save you even more money!

Quotes of the Month

Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.  [Erma Bombeck]
Volunteers are paid in six figures… S-M-I-L-E-S. [Gayla LeMaire]

About FNBR Incorporated

FNBR is a marketing company located in Tampa, Florida.  FNBR offers mailing lists, database management services, typesetting and graphic design services, printing and bindery services, email marketing, and complete direct mail services to companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. FNBR can be reached at 1-888-988-8148.


Fund Raising Facts!

During the past year, studies by two separate research firms* showed that direct mail by far outperformed other fund raising methods.

The studies reported the following facts:

  1. Three quarters of all new donors donated through the mail.
  2. Charities received 75% of their funding via direct mail vs 10% online.
  3. Donors in the 40-59 age brackets are the most responsive with 47% of them making a donation in 2011.


FNBR specializes in non-profit direct mail and donor acquisition. Learn more or give us a call at 1-888-988-8148.


*Research studies prepared by Campbell Rinker and Blackbaud.

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