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The Power of the P.S.

A strong P.S. can dramatically increase the power of your next direct mail letter.The Power of the P.S.

It’s true! Because the postscript is isolated under the signature it’s easy to identify and read. In fact, research has shown that most people will scan down and read the P.S. before they read the rest of the copy.
Don’t disappoint them…
If people find something of value in your P.S. they’ll keep reading. If not, your letter is likely to get tossed in the trash right away.

Professional copywriters often think of the P.S. as the second headline. Here are five ideas to give your postscripts some real power:

  • Remind your reader of a special premium or gift they’ll receive IF they respond.   
  • Stress your guarantee. This can be especially important when you’re writing to people that have not done business with you before.
  • Repeat your Limited Time Offer(LTO). If you have a LTO, repeat it in your P.S. Remind your audience of what they’ll get by doing business with you now, before the deadline passes.
  • Reiterate your key benefit(s). Tell the reader how he/she will benefit from what you provide. Will he/she land a better job, lose weight, sleep better, avoid the next layoff? Your P.S. should entice your prospect to read the rest of the letter.
  • Close with a call to action that gives the specific action your prospect should take if interested in your offer. For example: “P.S. For a free copy of 7 Target Marketing Secrets, call (888) 988-8148 or visit”

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