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6 Steps to a Better Mailing Envelope

The outgoing mailing envelope serves two main purposes: the first is to safely carry its contents to the recipient, and the second is to get opened.

The six aspects of the envelope that make a strong impression are:Strong Envelopes

  • The mailing address is the first place people look. Since it’s their name, be sure it looks good! Which looks better… John Q. Public or JOHN Q PUBLIC? Avoid all caps and add punctuation if possible.
  • On a commercial or official style envelope, the teaser text should be to the left of the recipient address and on a window envelope, the teaser text should be either to the right or left of the window depending on the window position. Teaser copy is useful, but not absolutely necessary. If you don’t have a good teaser, don’t force it.
  • The return address is an important part of your envelope. Use a script type for a more personal look. When mailing repeatedly to your customers, be sure to use your company name and logo. If you are trying to disguise your mailing, you can use a return address without the company name or no return address at all (not allowed on non-profit mail).
  • When choosing how to apply your postage, make sure it matches the look of the envelope. If your envelopes are designed to be official looking, a preprinted indicia is a better fit for that image. For a more personal touch, stamps are the best choice. For B2B envelopes, metered mail works well.
  • Before the recipient even opens your envelope, the envelope style can be used to convey an idea of what is enclosed. For example, if you are inviting the recipient to a seminar, an announcement style envelope conveys the image that you are formally inviting them to your event.
  • You can use both stock and color to convey the overall image of your package. A brown kraft stock conveys the image of an official package. The contrast between yellow envelopes with black type can be used to promote a “Free Offer”. Please note that certain colored stocks are not allowed for automation mail and will increase your postage. Your FNBR rep will help you avoid this pitfall.

Be sure that the look of your envelope matches the look and feel of its contents. The envelope and all of its components must work together as an entire package.

Lastly, remember to always test when using a new envelope design.

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Communicating With Colors

In putting together your marketing materials, it’s wise to consider the impact of your choice of colors.

Communicating With ColorsMany entrepreneurs and even established companies struggle with this.  All too often colors are chosen based solely upon personal preferences.

Savvy marketers know colors pack a powerful psychological message. (Ever wonder why orange is such a popular color with fast food restaurants that are trying to stimulate your appetite)?

When you hear IBM, does a certain color come to mind? Many people in business today think “Big Blue” when they hear IBM. (“Big Blue” is a commonly used nickname for IBM). The color blue conveys stability and trustworthiness.

Remember the UPS marketing campaign, “What can Brown do for you?” Brown is a color that’s strongly associated with dependability.

How about the Red Bull energy drink? Red is a color that’s linked with energy and excitement. (I’m not sure a Grey Bull energy drink would have enjoyed too much success).

In the future, instead of sticking with your personal favorites consider colors that support your marketing message.

Here’s a brief summary of the traditional meanings of popular colors:
Blue – honesty, trustworthiness, stability, loyalty.
Black – authority, sophistication, power, elegance.
White – purity, peace, youth.
Red – energy, excitement, danger, passion.
Pink – innocence, softness, sweetness.
Green – harmony, safety, growth, regeneration.
Yellow – joy, happiness, intellect, energy.
Purple – wealth, power, dignity, sophistication.
Brown – genuine, simplicity, dependability.
Orange – happiness, stimulation, creativity, playfulness.
Gold – success, money, wealth
Silver – dignity, wisdom, prestige.
Grey – security, maturity, reliability.

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First Impressions

Whether you are handing out your company brochure or mailing a flyer to generate sales, your printed material is how most of your prospects get their first impression of you.

We all know that you only get one shot at a first impression. When a prospect is wowed by the design and quality of your printing, you have already planted the thought that your products and services are of the highest quality.

At FNBR, we pride ourselves on the quality of our printing and are even more proud of the customer feedback we receive on our low rates and exceptional service.

If you are new to printing, our printing experts will guide through every step. Undecided on what you want?  We are happy to sit with you and review paper samples, ink colors and mailer styles. And since we also are a mailing company, you can rest assured that what we design will be USPS approved and qualify for maximum postal discounts.

So give us a call for a free quote on your next printing job.  You’ll be glad you did!

What to expect from FNBR’s printing services.
Low Rates, High Quality, Expert Advice, Unsurpassed Service , No Over Run Fees, and Much More!

Here’s what some of our clients said about us:

  • “Best I have ever worked with. I highly recommend.”  [Annette R.]
  • “FNBR has been a great partner for me at Bryn-Alan Studios. They have a customer service mentality that is impressive. Even when we miss things…they catch them. I highly recommend FNBR. Their service is the best – bar none.”  [Kevin S.]
  • “Exceptional service and value. I would recommend FNBR’s services to anyone that wants not only exceptional printing but customer service as well.”  [Nisa W.]
  • “Very professional and completes projects with quick turnaround. Superb value!”  [Tamara D.]
  • “FNBR treats a project as if it was their own, and always goes the extra mile to ensure great results.  FNBR also has superior follow-up and reliability. I highly recommend them.”  [Nora G.]

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