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Database Hygiene

There are many tasks in the work environment that require your attention. We routinely prioritize our daily tasks and tackle the most important ones first. Often times, database maintenance gets placed at the bottom of the “To Do” list – if it makes it to the list at all. This is unfortunate, because a well-maintained mailing list ultimately saves your business money and keeps you in touch with your clients and prospects.

FNBR can perform the following database management services to clean up your mailing lists: 

  • Remove Duplicates: Our de-duping software can remove duplicate records from your database.
  • CASS: Standardize and correct address elements including city, state, zip, zip+4 and more.
  • SuiteLINK: When available, adds the missing suite number to business records.
  • NCOA: Our USPS Certified National Change of Address software will replace the previous mailing address with the current mailing address of anyone that has filed a change of address in the prior four years. This process can also flag records that have moved but left no forwarding address.
  • Case Conversion: Convert your data to upper/lower case format.
  • Name Parsing, Address Parsing, Add Gender, and Much More.

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