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What’s In It For Me?

What's In It For Me?Upon receiving your mail piece, the first question that any prospect will ask is, What’s in it for me? Or, more explicitly, Why should I bother to:
  1. Open your envelope or read your mail piece?
  2. Seriously consider your proposition?
  3. Accept your offer?
  4. Take the steps necessary to follow through on that impulse – i.e., stop what I’m doing and call your toll-free number, or visit your web site?

Whether you are selling fitness equipment or complex technological systems, the copy has to make absolutely clear what the product or service will do for the consumer.

 And what he or she wants to know is:
  • Will it make me smarter?
  • Will it make me money?
  • Will it save me money?
  • Will it save me time?
  • Will it help me get ahead at work?
  • Will it make me more attractive?
  • Will it make people like me?
  • Will it impress other people?
  • Will it give me more control?
  • Will it protect me from harm?
  • Will it make me feel good about buying or using it?

Please remember that potential customers are interested in the personal benefits they’ll receive from using or owning your product. And chances are, the things they’d like it to do for them are somewhere on the list above.

If you can’t make them smarter, richer, more attractive, more powerful, or more productive… or if you can’t make their lives easier, more enjoyable, more rewarding, or more fun – consumers would just as soon give their money to someone else who can.

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Is Your Guarantee a Marketing Asset?

Is Your Guarantee a Marketing Asset?As we’ve mentioned before, people are skeptical and nobody likes to get ripped off! One of the ways you can lower the perceived risk of doing business with you is with a strong guarantee.

A money-back guarantee transfers the risk off your potential customer’s shoulders and onto yours. It’s a marketing asset to be able to tell your prospects, “Give us a try, because if you’re not satisfied we’ll refund your money in full. There’s no risk!”

So, what are the elements that make a guarantee strong and effective?

The longer your guarantee the better. For instance, all things being equal a 90-day guarantee is stronger than a 15-day guarantee. A short guarantee may not give people enough time to comfortably evaluate your product and decide whether it’s for them. They’ll feel rushed and may just return it without really trying it out to avoid having the deadline expire and being stuck with it.

Do your best to make your guarantee “no strings attached.” The more conditions you put on the guarantee, the less likely prospects are to trust you and buy from you. Strive to give your customer the benefit of the doubt. Accept refund requests even if the buyer is slightly late in requesting the refund.

Do not hide your guarantee. Print your guarantee in the same type size as the body copy or bigger. Put the headline “Your Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction” in large, boldface type.

Remember, when you’re seeking to attract new customers you’re asking people to take a leap of faith. Your guarantee can go a long way towards reassuring potential customers that you’re the right choice.

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