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The Benefits of a One-Stop Shop

When it comes to marketing, there are many advantages to using a company that specializes in turnkey marketing campaigns.  At FNBR, we pride ourselves on being able to offer expert advice and service from concept to completion. The two biggest advantages to having FNBR involved with your project from the start are that we will save you both time and money.

Cutting Through the MazeEvery member of our design department is well versed in the USPS postal regulations that govern mailer design. When it comes to mailer design, even a slight miscalculation can be very costly. As an example, FNBR had a client who could have saved $9,200 in postage had the height of their mailer been 1/8” shorter. Another client had their mailing designed and printed by someone else, then delivered it to FNBR to be mailed, only to find that the designer did not take into consideration that the reply envelopes did not fit into the outside mailing envelopes. The reply envelopes then had to be folded and inserted manually. Both of the above mistakes were costly to our clients and both were preventable.

Letting the experts at FNBR guide you through the design, printing, data and mailing services will make your life easier and your marketing campaigns run smoother. To learn more about how our services can help you, contact an FNBR representative Toll Free at 888-988-8148.


3 Facts About Growing Your Business with Mail

1) Mail can help any kind of business grow.
If you can write a letter, you can build your business. You can drive traffic to your store, find clients for a service, get people excited about a new product, and even make your existing customers more loyal- all through the mail. It’s not hard. It can be as easy as a letter announcing that the fall fashions have arrived. Or as simple as a postcard that tells your best customers that they can take advantage of special sale prices a day early.Direct Mail Works

2) Mail is flexible.
Unlike other media that literally “box you in” to a space, there’s no limit to how you can use the mail. You can send simple letters, brochures and postage-paid reply cards. Or you can add unusual items to the envelope for more impact. For instance, a fabric store could turn leftover strips of material into samples, just by putting them into an envelope and sending them to customers. The mail also lets you control the timing of your message. For instance, a postcard could remind parents when back to school inoculations have to be completed.

3) Direct mail works.
It’s no small wonder that multibillion-dollar companies have sprung from the mail. It’s a great way to make an affordable, highly personalized, relevant presentation to a potential customer. Plus, you can measure the results of every mailing you send out, just by counting the inquiries or traffic that come from the mailing.

As you get a better “feel” for what works and what doesn’t in your business, you can make adjustments to your mailings. So future mailings become even more profitable.

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If you’d like to discuss ways to increase your response using direct mail, call FNBR Inc. at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at

Adapted from Simple Formulas by the United States Postal Service.


Personalized Mail

Thanks to high-speed digital printers, you can “speak” individually with each recipient of your mailing.  All sorts of variable information can be added to each person’s mailer while it’s being printed. The only limit of what can be added is the amount of information in the database.

If you owned a jewelry store and your customer database includes information on each customer’s last purchase, you can incorporate that information into his or her mailer.

“Erica, all of us here at ABC Jewelers hope that you are truly enjoying that diamond necklace you purchased last June. This month we are featuring all of the creations from the same designer at 25% off of our normal rates”.  Taking personalization and variable data to the next level, you can add images unique to Erica’s purchase.  We can add a photo of the very diamond necklace she purchased plus photos of the other pieces from that designer’s line. 

By adding the person’s name, what they purchased and when they purchased it, along with photos and images unique to their interests, you have created a mailer that truly makes each recipient feel special.  That amount of personalization helps create a bond between you and your client (or prospect), which then translates into more (and often bigger) sales!

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If you’d like to discuss ways to make your mail more personal, call FNBR Inc. at 888-988-8148 or send us an email at

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